New Year resolution: mission dream home?

If your dream home is in the goals of the new year it can become a stress-free reality!

The end of each year usually finds us in review, but also making new decisions as January leads the way for new goals and aspirations!

For each couple, the home has a prime and leading role in family life as it is the place to house the family and will accommodate not only the daily routine but also the parties, friendly gatherings and in general all the aspects of life that will have the home as a backdrop.

Your dream home can become a reality as the whole process of design and construction is very specific and can be properly organized with the help of a professional architect of your choice to complete the design and construction supervision without hassle and anxiety.

The choice of the architect should be done very carefully as the final result will depend not only on the architect's skills but also on the success of his cooperation with the owner. In order for this collaboration to succeed, the architect's choice must be based on the trust in his abilities and services.

After deciding on an architect, the whole process can be organized in five phases: 

1. Initial Decisions: Beginning with the first step and assuming you already have the plot, you need to decide which spaces you really need according to your lifestyle. You have to imagine your life as it revolves around this house over time and anticipates your potential future needs. At the same time, you should make your financial plan for building the house, taking into account the cost of designers, permits, furnishings, and equipment of the home, in addition to construction costs as well as exploring the funding options that exist today. It is very important at this stage, for the architects, with their experience, to help you make the right decisions regarding the size of the building so that you do not exceed your budget. 

2. Architectural Study: The architects will then prepare the preliminary plans with their thoughts so that they can work with you and make the necessary changes in order for the final result to be in line with your aspirations. A realistic depiction of the building in CGI renders prepared by the architect can help you fully understand the building as if it were built. The developed study of the building should give you the opportunity to have meaningful participation so that the final result expresses your character and needs and you truly feel at home.

3. Building permit: Once the building design has been finalized regarding the layout and the form, then all the engineers (civil engineer, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer) prepare the necessary studies for an application for a Building License and at the same time, the architect prepares all the plans and specifications for the construction. 

4. Tenders: In the tendering phase, contractors are carefully selected based on the quality of their work, the consistency at the time of delivery, their ability to co-operate and the financial solvency. The architect will evaluate the quotations with the assistance of a Quantity Surveyor and help you take into account all the facts to decide which contractor you would like to work with. Once the necessary contract documents have been signed and the contractor is paid a deposit, the construction of the building can commence.

 5. Construction: During construction, the architect oversees all the necessary phases to ensure that the designs and specifications are correctly implemented. The team of engineers (civil engineer, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer) also oversee the construction to ensure aspects that pertain to their studies are implemented correctly.

Through setting goals, proper financial planning, careful choices, thoughtful decisions, and constructive cooperation with the architect, makes the whole design and construction process of your home a pleasurable and unique experience - as it should be!