Akamas National Park

  • Location
    Akamas, Paphos
Architecture competition for infrastructures that will be created to serve and manage visitors arriving at the park

The proposal for this competition, seeks to create a connection between visitors and nature, by enhancing the local conditions and celebrating the beauties of Akamas.  In an attempt to create a proposed route which will allow for users to discover the special meaning and beauties of the area, 14 pavilions have been designed on different sites within close proximity.

The proposed follies, create new cores in the area, which provide the services required by the brief and at the same time allow for nature celebration.  This is achieved, by the design of two porous shells which surround each pavilion and a ramp which sits in between them. The ramp, is one of the most important elements of the design as it takes the visitors through a route allowing them to respectfully explore the local fabric.