Griva Digeni Development

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Mixed use development in Larnaca

Introducing the "Griva Digeni Development," a prestigious venture in collaboration with the renowned "Quality Group," located in the heart of Larnaca. This remarkable project redefines urban living, seamlessly blending contemporary design with luxury.Spanning a 693m² plot, the "Griva Digeni Development" features an exquisite mixed-use concept, encompassing 14 meticulously designed apartments and a stylish shop. Among the apartments, you'll find 6 one-bedroom units, 6 two-bedroom residences, and 2 lavish three-bedroom apartments, catering to diverse living preferences and needs.Each apartment exemplifies a contemporary open-plan layout, accentuating space and natural light. Private balconies extend the living areas, creating personal havens for residents to unwind and enjoy the dynamic cityscape. The "Griva Digeni Development" embodies the epitome of modern luxury living, where architectural finesse marries with comfort. This project sets a new standard for upscale city living, offering an unparalleled experience within the heart of Larnaca.Discover the ultimate in modern living at the "Griva Digeni Development," where contemporary design and luxury intersect to create an exclusive urban haven.