Patsias 31

  • Location
    Livadia, Larnaca
Residential development in Livadia, Larnaca

Introducing the "Patsias 31," a visionary project in collaboration with Patsias Developments, nestled in the vibrant Livadia area of Larnaca. This exceptional venture reshapes modern living, seamlessly combining contemporary design with comfort.

Encompassing a plot of 764m², the "Patsias 31" comprises 12 meticulously crafted apartments. Among them, 8 one-bedroom apartments and 4 stylish studio apartments cater to a range of lifestyle preferences, reflecting the project's dedication to diversity.

Each apartment exemplifies a contemporary open-plan layout, emphasizing space and light. Private balconies extend the living areas outdoors, providing residents with personal oases to relax and relish the surroundings. Moreover, this development boasts two exclusive private roof gardens, adding an extra touch of luxury.

The "Patsias 31" epitomizes the essence of modern living, where architectural finesse meets comfort. This project is a testament to luxurious living in a dynamic urban context.

Discover the epitome of modern living at the "Patsias 31," where innovative design and comfortable living unite to redefine your lifestyle.