• Location
    Livadia, Larnaca
Mixed use community development in Livadia, Larnaca

Introducing "Sirens" by ADP Architects, a visionary collaboration with Patsias Developments, nestled in the vibrant Livadia area of Larnaca, Cyprus. This exceptional project redefines luxury living and sets a new benchmark for modern comfort.

Encompassing an expansive 6286m² plot, "Sirens" is an ensemble of five meticulously designed buildings that converge around a sprawling communal green space. This central courtyard boasts serene seating areas and captivating water features, creating a haven for relaxation and social interaction.

"Sirens" is a multifaceted development that seamlessly blends residential apartments, commercial shops, office spaces, and luxurious facilities tailored for an enriched lifestyle. Among its offerings, you'll discover a harmonious blend of 88 contemporary two-bedroom apartments, 2 conveniently located shops, and 1 dedicated office space.

Each apartment reflects the pinnacle of modern design, emphasizing open-plan layouts, en suite bathrooms, private balconies, and a seamless connection to the communal courtyard. This courtyard becomes a focal point, amplifying the sense of luxury living through its greenery, and providing a unique oasis for residents.

In addition to the residential and commercial spaces, "Sirens" introduces a comprehensive range of amenities designed for ultimate comfort. These include communal spaces for socializing, a cinema and sports room, a well-equipped gym, and a dynamic co-working space.

"Sirens" goes beyond the ordinary, offering a living experience that marries architectural brilliance with modern convenience. The development redefines luxury facilities, promising residents a lifestyle that is truly unique.

Embark on an exceptional journey of modern living at "Sirens," where innovative design and opulent amenities come together to create an unparalleled living environment.