Residential architecture is all about creating a space for the occupant’s comfort and enjoyment. It is, after all, a living space. This is accomplished by designing structures, and indeed interiors that are both beautiful and functional.
Residential architecture must also of course consider prevailing legalities, technicalities and building codes, safety issues, as well as sustainability (cost efficiency) matters, usually achieved via placement of outlets, building materials, and good use of the natural environment, such as positioning, lighting, ventilation, green spaces, and consideration of renewable energy sources.
At ADP, our goal is always to meet the needs and expectations of clients, owners, developers and investors alike. This means working together closely and transparently throughout the project’s phases. Firstly, to discuss and better understand their vision, offer direction and consultation as per our experience and expertise, and then to absorb their feedback during design and development.
In our work, we also always strive to blend local traditions with modernity, and practicality with creativity. To produce residences that are disciplined, but also inspiring and long-lasting. Ultimately, this contributes to the community’s wider appeal and benefit.
We provide architecture and design services for residential properties throughout Cyprus, as well as abroad. Types of residential projects our office works on include detached houses, townhouses/maisonettes, holiday villas, single apartments and penthouses, as well as multi-unit residential/apartment complexes. These services are provided to construction firms, real estate developers, investors and individual homeowners.
Our architects are licensed professionals, with extensive experience in the Cyprus market, as well as internationally. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation in residential architecture, designing and building residential homes that are noted for their innovation, distinctiveness, and uniqueness, whilst creating enduring and treasured constructions.
Some of these projects have been completed under the name Papallas & Ioannidou Architects.

Thessaloniki Street

From a clothing factory to a luxury residential block homage to its industrial past

Ikaria Villas

A unique duet located in Paralimni area.

Lavra Project

An imposing block of flats located in a newly developed residential area in Larnaca city.

Kastalias Street

Located in Aradippou area these three contemporary residential developments lead to a triple symphony.

Elassonas & Arachovas Street

Distinct volumes and clear-cut lines result in a modern yet complex design.

Mykonos Street

Situated in Larnaca district, this renovation project led to a dramatic facelift.

Sophia Vempo Street

Residential refurbishment and building face lift

Kwsta Mathaiou Street

Classic yet modern house design

Residence in Aradippou Larnaca

Designed with the views to the garden as the focal point

Dia Street

Residential Project in Dali, Nicosia

Tower concept design

Concept design for a 18-storey building in Larnaca


Five storey apartment building in central Larnaca


House extension project


Two storey apartment building with roof garden in Oroklini

Lapithou Street

Residential Project in Aradippou, Larnaca

Georgiou Seferi Street

Residential project in Konia, Paphos

Chanion Street

House Extension Project

Makariou Street

Luxury multi-story building in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus.

Kimonos Street

Five storey apartment building in central Larnaca

Tamasou Flats

New residential block in up and coming Krassa Heights in Larnaca

Arodafnousas Street

Timeless design with touches of luxurious materials and a large garden

Panayidi Street

Description coming soon.

Aisopou Street

A timeless approach to creating a meaningful relationship between interior and exterior

Democratias Street

The best of old and new have been combined in this Livadia-based home.

Ippokratous Street

The design of this property makes for an ideal family home

Residence in Livadia

This Livadia based home has a contemporary design, which easily complements its naturalistic setting

Residence in Tala

This multi-story home delivers exceptional views across its idyllic setting

Residence in Aradippou

A spacious property ideal for families that effectively blends a contemporary design with traditional Lefkara stone

Arkadias Street

This elegant Livadia based home has an exterior designed with clean lines and accentuated definition

Iatrou Fomplant Street

This Larnaca based home affords beautiful views across the city, whilst it's interior provides a comfortable living area

Democratias Street 2

This contemporary design has modern flair whilst integrating the unique Lefkara stone only found in this area

25 Martiou Street

This large, open planned home brings an abundance of living space as a natural part of this homeproperty

Residence in Yeri

A Nicosia based home which infuses Lefkara stone and clean, white design in its exterior

Onisillou Street

The spacious property is a great example of contemporary Cypriot design

Residence in Larnaca

Beautifully designed to complement the natural surroundings

Tefkros Street

A beautifully constructed home admits plenty of light and carefully balances design elements

Argolidos Street

A spacious family home renovated with a careful balance of materials, each accentuating this homes beautiful facade

Ag Georgiou Makri Street

This property has been developed as two semi-detached houses occupying a single plot

Residence in Pyrga

Set in idyllic Pyrga, this home afford it's owners access to a private tennis court and pool.

Residence in Dromolaksia

A spacious family property with a garage built in the traditional style for this area.

Ayiou Savva Street

The interior of this property has been recently renovated to bring an elegant bright living space

Pervolia Waterfront Residence

A gorgeous holiday home located on the Pervolia waterfront

Residence in Ksilotimpou

This open planned home is an ideal family home set in the beautiful Larnaca region of Cyprus

Residence in Dromolaksia 2

This modern Dromolaksia residence makes great use of fusing Lefkara stone with white exterior materials for a bright finish

Residence in Kornos

This beautiful urban dwelling uses a subtly contemporary design

Residence in Skarinou

This home sees the traditional meet the modern

Tamasou Street

This Larnaca property is a fine example of a modern home in this area

Residence in Ksilofagou

A wonderfully open property affords lots of space both indoors and outdoors

Residence in Pyla

The beautiful open planned interior of this property lends itself well to creating a comfortable living space

Asklipiou Street

Located close to the GSZ stadium, this large Larnaca property is a beautifully designed to be warm and inviting

Christou Samara Street

Located in Nicosia, this is a wonderful family home

Aradippou Residential Complex

An innovative residential apartment complex combines Lefkara stone with a contemporary clean line architecture


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