Our offices are based in Larnaca, but we work on public and private sector projects throughout Cyprus, as well as abroad. Over the years, we have gained experience in a large variety of project types, sizes and conditions, such as in residential buildings, commercial, offices, renovations, restorations, mixed-use, and urban developments. Meanwhile, our company maintains close links with academia, including collaborations with the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology, among other industry organisations and associations, thereby better promoting on-going research and innovation in architecture and design methodologies and practices, as well as quality.

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Approach to Architecture & Design

Before any project can begin, we undertake a comprehensive site analysis to better understand the given space, as well as the wider environment. We've labelled this framework as ‘design by research', an approach that is inspired by our academic links whilst qualified through practical experiences. At the same time, we adopt an interactive and collaborative approach, engaging closely and openly with clients (and their project team) to establish goals and ideas, and then put these into practice. This is all facilitated and guided by our experienced and receptive team. Indeed, the same holds true with our services in consultation and feasibility studies for property developers and investors seeking to maximise ROI.

As a design evolves, Building Information Modelling (BIM) software ensures a coordinated project delivery. This technology assists our team in evaluating how decisions relate to specific location and environmental conditions, whilst enabling us to optimise a building's performance. Following project completion, we conduct post-occupancy analysis surveys, evaluating aspects such as building performance objectives, aesthetical results, and occupant's satisfaction. Furthermore, new advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the entire customer experience and planning stages. This technology allows clients and stakeholders to dynamically experience a project before actually breaking ground. In so doing, ensuring better articulated beginnings and efficient results. Meanwhile, our company's collaboration with the Cyprus Interaction Lab supports these endeavours to always be advanced and ahead of the curve.

This applies to both for improving building performance and for supporting an eco-friendly philosophy. Each project is unique in its ecosystem and the possibilities it has in optimising resources. At ADP, we strive to tap into this and make the most out of sustainable and modern practices. By applying the use of simple environmental design principles, such as orientation, natural light consideration, ventilation, heating/cooling systems, and building materials, we are able to deliver projects that not only do more than the minimum requirements of state regulations, but reduce energy consumption without the use of renewable technology. We are also able to deliver ‘Energy Efficiency Studies' through our collaborators, as well as case-study based scenarios of combining various methods of renewable energy sources. Such a conscious and hands-on approach to sustainable and ecological architecture and design is no doubt the best way forward, here in Cyprus, and globally.

Social responsibility in our architecture and design practice comes in the form of understanding and connecting with our local and national communities here in Cyprus, or wherever the project is situated. Thus, we can better respond to a rapidly changing society. This might mean maintaining elements of local traditions, balanced with a new generational and perhaps a more diverse outlook. Likewise, considering the possible societal and cultural impact of our work, whether stand alone projects or larger urban developments. As such, part of our architecture and design process must also incorporate an appreciation of nature and the built environment, geography/location, general real estate development, urban economics and sustainability concerns. But also, involve intimate understandings, theories and creativities of the social sciences and arts. Finally, we are always keen and active in supporting institutions, organisations, schools and other initiatives in our local communities – a collective approach to a better society.


Lelita Ioannidou

Principal Architect, DipArch

Lelita oversees all aspects of ADP's management with a focus on client liaison and strategic development. Her experience includes feasibility studies, early design concept, residential space planning and development. She has a clear understanding of the technical issues associated with designing and delivering high-quality buildings. Lelita is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Andreas Papallas

Associate Architect, BA (Hons), MPhil (Cantab)

Andreas works at all stages of design development. He has previously worked on high-profile residential projects in London. Andreas' design skills have been recognised in several occasions, including a nomination for the RIBA Norman Foster Travel Scholarship and the public vote award for the 3DReid Student Prize. He studied Architecture at the University of Sheffield and Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Cambridge.

Stephanie Papalla

Associate Architect, BA (Hons), MArch

Stephanie is a talented designer focused in the initiation and concept stages of project development. She is experienced in creating 3D visualisations with an attentive eye for detail. Stephanie is a graduate of the Manchester School of Architecture, a joint venture between the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Andria Strongylou

Architect, BA (Hons), MArch

Andria is an enthusiastic University of Nottingham graduate who joined ADP in 2019 aiming to gain experience in residential projects and international architectural design competitions. Her advanced software skills and creative flair make her an excellent and well-rounded addition to the team.

Vicky Koutou

Architect, DipArch

Vicky is an experienced architect with a diploma in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), avid BIM user and specialising in specifications and construction detailing.

Andreana Savva


Andreana is a highly competent member of the team with a keen interest and flair in interior architecture and architectural visualisation. Over the past years, Andreana has worked on a variety of projects within ADP’s portfolio ranging from a honey factory to high-end residential complexes.

Michalis Psaras

Architectural Assistant

Michalis has joined ADP in 2022 with a rich educational background including achieving top-student status at the University of Cyprus and gaining a postgraduate degree from TU Delft. Michalis’ designs skills have been recognised on multiple occasions during this studies through awards and accolades.


Office Manager


We are a small to mid-sized office based in central Larnaca, but with projects throughout the island, as well as internationally. We are always happy to explore new opportunities in partnerships and collaborations, as well as consider entry-level and experienced professionals seeking a career in architecture and design. Feel free to e-mail us for a possible further discussion:

careers 'at' architecturedp.com